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Who would have thought that our little anchovy is stronger than siwon kkk

Hyukjae’s transformation to Marilyn Monhyuk

Hyuk’s punishment armpit shaving

Donghae’s tickling punishment

“ what is red epic, alura? is that the title of the new mv? ”
— Anonymous

no, it’s a camera/lens brand, it’s not the mv song title or album if haehhyukhenry really do filming an mv right now.

bathroom routine how to: by eunhae

Eunhyuk at Adidas Event

224Hong: Henry, Donghae, and Eunhyuk filming a MV today  Music Video !! 7잡

it’s says eunhyuk donghae and henry is now filming an mv!! 3 man!!

This is what haehyukhenry tweet about filming something new! (but still not yet confirm)

Proud Yoojuhyuk for reaching the high notes 

yewook’s crazy dance

Sapphire Blue people, Are you ready?

Sapphire Blue people, Are you ready?

slapping each other n_n;;