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SJ as animals: Hyukjae as choco

SJ as animals: Hyukjae as choco


Super Junior Valentine Cards ♥

bunny hyuk


Title: bbuing bbuing
Artist: Eunhyuk
Album: Sukira 140929
Played: 1696

140930 | Sukira - Eunhyuk’s “Bbuing bbuing” [DL]

eunhyukee44: choco choco #choco #choco

Best fan award goes to ELF 


Eunhyuk Self Cam


Listener told Eunhyuk to say "Saranghae"

Listener asked hyuk to call donghae

Hyuk: I don’t know if he’ll answer.. and he won’t know it’s a broadcast so it can get.. dangerous.. He’s not in my recent call list.have I not called him recently? Calling him now ㅋㅋ

Donghae answered the phone but there is music playing.

Hyuk: hello? hello? so loud. what are you doing?

Hae: why why why

Hyuk: What are you doing?

Hae: where are you?

Hyuk: This is SUKIRA~

hae: you’re kidding me right?

hyuk: no!

hae: you’re lying

hyuk: I’m not!

hae: you’re getting a massage now, right?

Hyuk: I’m not!

Hae: Can I say this again on Sukira?

Hyuk: Do it

Hae: I’m preparing an D&E album with Eunhyuk-ee hyung right now

Hae was going to come today, but he received a lot of stress today so he was tired

Hae requested for his new 1+1 song, and Hyuk said they don’t have the digital right now.

Hae: you have the song!

Hyuk: I have the song file but we can’t play that.

Hae: Then I request for.. a pop song right?

Hyuk: sure

Hae: Then I request for Man in the Mirror

Ryeowook had asked Hae to DJ this week, but he said he cannot DJ alone


eunhyukee44: Lee DongHyuh who really didn’t know it was live broadcast kkk (c)

KKTLee Donghyuh
I didn’t know. Please tell them I’m sorry for making the radio chaotic. If the radio is finished. Please capture this and tweet it on instagram as an apology. Love you man^^ (c)